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Delivering Sports Education Children's Activities Holiday Clubs

Delivering Sports Education Children's Activities Holiday Clubs

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Have Fun & Get Active With SportsCool

SportsCool raises aspirations, makes sports accessible to all, and most importantly, makes sports FUN. As a result, we see the children we work with blossom into confident, healthy and aspiring individuals.

If you are a parent, teacher, or coach looking for a sports coaching company that prioritises keeping all children active in an enjoyable and informative way, scroll down to see what we can offer.

Educate - Motivate - Participate

At SportsCool, our ethos speaks for the culture we wish to create in our sporting sessions. We use these 3 values to ensure our team and children become the best version of themselves. 


All of our sessions should be educational for the learners we teach. From healthy living, bio-mechanics through to sport-specific knowledge. We progress learners knowledge in every session that we run.



Children should want to participate in sports. We build our sessions in a way that encourages learners to do just that. From initial confidence-building exercises to fun games and interactive competitions.


Because our sessions are structured in such a way it means we have high numbers of participants. This is great because it is our mission to find a sport for every child that they LOVE.

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Of Amazing Activities

At SportsCool, we know every child is different, and that they will not all have the same appreciation for every different sport.

That’s why we provide a fun, diverse mix of sporting activities in our clubs and classes; so that every child can find the sport that is right for them.

  • Get your shooting boots on for our Football classes.
  • Or, try out our Street Dancing.
  • En Garde! Try our fantastic Fencing.
  • Hit the bullseye with our amazing Archery lessons.
  • Can you dodge our Dodgeball?
  • A new way to try golf with our Tri golf.
  • Have a go at Kurling.
  • Ultimate Frisbee fun.
  • And many more!


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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It -
Hear From Our Parents and Schools

Haworth Primary School
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The child has really enjoyed the club and for the first time around school, he has had a smile on his face. His self-esteem and confidence have flourished and this is down to him attending your sessions.
R. Grogan
SportsCool LTD
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Those of us that were lucky enough to represent our schools in sport will remember what it feels like to stand up in assembly with our trophies and medals and subsequently walking the corridors feeling a mile tall! Our positive reward systems mean that every child has the chance to enjoy and achieve.
Parent in Skipton
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My son came to the club at St Stephens this February half term for 3 days. He's never been before, but absolutely loved it, and you achieved the impossible and actually tired him out!
Parent in Blackburn
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Both my boys absolutely loved their time at sports cool. One even begged for an extra day as he enjoyed it so much. Such a fab place to keep them active and busy during the school breaks. They both enjoyed dressing up for the Halloween day today too. Two very tired boys tonight. Lovely and approachable staff too! Thankyou Sportscool!

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SportsCool is present in over 25 areas across the UK. We can offer quality-first coaching in your location. Follow this link to find the nearest SportsCool team local to you or send us a message below:

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