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Who’s behind the SportsCool franchise?

SportsCool was founded in 2008 by three friends, Andy, Lee and Matt, who had one thing in common – their passion for sports.


Andy Preston

SportsCool Director

Lee Lysons

SportsCool Director

Matt Parker

SportsCool Director

“We had very different upbringings. What brought us together was having a role model who inspired us and taught us the value and joy to be found in sports.

The idea of SportsCool came from our shared experiences and our desire to provide others with the same opportunities. We are committed to making sure that all children can experience the positive impact of sports.

SportsCool inspires the next generation through accessible sports education. Our coaching qualifications and our franchise experience really contributed to SportsCools’ growth. Previously, we owned franchises so we know how make your business a success.

Our training programmes and systems are designed to help you succeed, regardless of your experience level or background.”

Our Ethos Is Simple:
Educate – Motivate – Participate


We aim to inspire children and develop their skills in a fun, engaging and safe environment. We do this using positive coaching, tactics and fun, developmental games. As well as using up-to-date, innovative online assessment tools



Using our SportsCool enthusiastic personalities, we aim to engage with the children and motivate them into engaging in a variety of our activities


Our aim is to reach as many different children as possible and inspire them to participate in at least one or more of our fun activities. We firmly believe that EVERY child has the right to engage and enjoy at least one of our activities

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Providers of Sports Education for the Next Generation 

Educate - Motivate - Participate

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