Why SportsCool

Why Was SportsCool Founded?

Our three founders grew up in contrasting upbringings. What brought them together was their passion for sports and the inspirational role models that taught them the value and joy to be found in sport. The idea of SportsCool came from their shared experiences and their desire to provide others with the same opportunities they had. SportsCool uses the power of accessible sports education to inspire the next generation!

"Looking To The Future"

By offering a wealth of options for sports classes and clubs, we make sure every child has an option available to them which can become their life passion.

We focus on keeping our activities enjoyable and educational. We teach the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle for children’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Through supporting today’s younger generations with enjoyable, educational sports activities, we are setting them up with the skills and self-belief to grow into successful adults of tomorrow.

Our Recognition And Accreditation

In our SportsCool team, we have ambassadors from Mini Me Yoga and the National Governing body of British Dodgeball. We are partnered with the Spanish sportswear brand Joma. All our SportsCool ambassadors have been screened by CPOMS and passed all Personnel Checks.

SportsCool are always looking to partner with local and national governing bodies to ensure we deliver quality-first coaching with safeguarding at the forefront of our program.